Our primary school

Handmade School Cone
We provide support and guidance to KS1 & KS2 students for their core subjects. We understand that every child is unique and can find certain parts of the curriculum challenging. Our team of highly skilled teachers, tailor each lesson to unlock your child’s potential and give them the confidence they need to succeed.
We also create the opportunity for children to learn a new language. Currently, we can offer Spanish and French lessons. With languages becoming an essential part of a school’s curriculum and GCSE exam papers, learning a language at an early age is beneficial to prepare each child.

Our English classes focus on developing the children's knowledge on vocabulary and grammar, as well as improve their reading and writing skills in line with the curriculm for each year group. 


Science is a subject gaining importance at secondary school. Our classes aim to teach the curriculum, but also build up scientific curiosity. We reserve room for the children to pick topics that interest them.

Foreign Languages

Learning a language early  furthers brain development in young children. Our classes provide a fun way to learn a language. Speaking a second language becomes more and more important and learning early is key.


Geography classes teach the children about countries around the world and further their interest to learn about countries and cultures. The classes follow the national curriculum and prepare students for study at secondary school


Our maths classes are designed to not only teach the basic mathematical skills, but also to develop problem solvings skills. Mathematical skills are very important in further study at secondary school and beyond. Building strong foundation is imperative.

French Medieval Man

Our history classes are fun classes designed to teach the children about the history that influenced Britain and other countries. Our main aim is to create awareness of the importance of history and prepare the children for the study of history at secondary school