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Who are we?

Eureka Learning is an online language and tutoring school offering online private and group classes for adults and children alike. 
The school was opened in January 2019 by Sarah Boland, who, aside of managing the online school also teaches mathematics, business studies , economics and German.  So far, all our virtual teachers have received great feedback from students and the company has grown quickly. Our main aim is to provide high quality online lessons, helping each individual student to reach their goals. 
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Our Departments


Online Language Department

The language department focuses on teaching foreign languages as well as English as a foreign language. Have a look here for more information

Online Tutoring Department

The tutoring department has a selection of online tutors providing students help in small groups or 1-2-1 in a range of subjects commonly taught in schools and colleges. 

Online Homeschool

Our online homeschool provides weekly live classes to homeschooled children from primary to college and access to a customised online platform for the sharing of course material and extra support. 
Our prestigious online school provides a creative and broad British curriculum to all of our students. Our expert and highly qualified online teachers supply our students with an outstanding, world class online education that gives them the ability to excel and succeed in their exams and goals. Our flexible and personalised virtual learning approach allows our online pupils to learn when it is most convenient for them, giving them more time for the activities they love. Whether our online students are looking for virtual morning classes or virtual evening classes, we have a selection of schedules for every student to match their circumstances. 

Featured Teachers

Guy Rogers


  • Physics

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Maths

Guy teaches from year 7 to college.

Guy was born in Portsmouth and has lived in the surrounding area all his life. His love for science started in school and continued through to university where he studied astrophysics at the Russell Group's University of Southampton. While at university, he began to tutor privately and soon realised he had a passion for helping others to learn.

Once graduated, he was able to use this passion to teach science at key stage 3 and 4 both in school and through continued private tutoring. Now, he still enjoys spending time helping students succeed through private tutoring and teaching online classes at the school.

Kate P.


  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Biology

  • Mandarin

Kate teaches her subjects for GCSE & A-Level.

Kate is a doctor and teacher by profession with specialisation in Neurology and is currently pursuing PhD in Neurology. She has always had a passion for teaching and has been doing so via private home and online tutoring for the past few years.
English is her first language and she also speaks Mandarin fluently. She has a passion for mental health care and plans to integrate her knowledge from Neurology along with Psychological research to make some contributions in the field of dementia, depression and other mental health issues.
Besides core subjects in the field of medicine, she has gained immense knowledge in Psychology, Sociology and Biology during her training and studying as a doctor. She now teaches students online and hopes to do it in person in the future along with mentoring new budding doctors of the future!

Ann Boland


  • English

  • History 

Ann teaches all ages, from primary to college.

Ann was born and grew up in South Africa. In 1985 she moved to the UK with her husband and raised her three children, while completing a degree in Histroy. She subsequently taught English to young children in Germany where she lived for 13 years until returning to the UK and teaching English to foreign students in Wales, preparing for GCSE exams. She now lives in England teaching a variety of online classes teaching English and history with Eureka.

Paula Zapata picture.jpg
Paula Zapata


  • Spanish

  • English

Paula teaches from primary through to College.

Paula was born in Colombia and emigrated to the United States at a very young age. She graduated from the University of Houston, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in communications. At university, she also obtained minor degrees in interdisciplinary art and English Language arts.

Paula worked as a video editor, content writer, and multimedia artist for a decade. During that time, she began giving private lessons to help others learn video editing. For the past five years, her focus has been in education. In 2019, she earned a 120 hour Advanced TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification and began teaching English and Spanish to students both locally and overseas. Having taught students of all ages and fro a variety of backgrounds, her passion has led her to encourage learners of all abilities to discover their full potential. 

Paula is most passionate about art, languages, literature, and activism. She also enjoys swimming, gardening, watching films, and making art in her spare time.

Carla Tenner.jpg
Carla Tenner


  • English

  • History

  • Geography

Carla is availble to teach all ages. 

Carla was born in South Africa and has lived there all her life. She has been involved in teaching since graduating from the Nelson Mandela University in 2007 where she obtained a Bachelor majoring in English Language and Literature, Geography, and Psychology. She then went on to receive a Post Graduate Certificate in Education majoring in English as well as the Social Sciences. 

Carla has taught a variety of subjects. She feels that her greatest strength is her ability to connect with her learners and to create a positive environment where her learners feel supported to learn and grow in their knowledge of the subjects. 

Carla is an outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people and working with children and young adults. Her teaching philosophy is to not just focus on conveying the necessary subject matter, but to also facilitate and promote her learners developing their critical thinking capabilities. 

Carla’s love for learning and teaching has brought her to Eureka where she is able to reach people from all over the world through online tutoring and the online school. 

Thorya Cherrared


  • French

  • Arabic

  • Maths

Thorya teaches primary school and French for all ages.

Born in Algeria, Thorya graduated with a masters in applied statistics in 2012 before moving to the UK. She has a number of years’ experience working as a statistician/engineer within the finance and banking industry where she was responsible for a number of projects in different sectors.

Native in French and Arabic, Thorya has been enjoying tutoring French, Arabic and mathematics privately, while raising her kids. She enjoys meeting new people and working in the community. What she enjoys the most is seeing people taking up a new language whether for work or as a hobby and slowly getting to master it.

Sarah Boland


  • Maths 

  • Business Studies

  • Economics

Sarah teaches from year 7 through to university. 

Sarah was born in a small town in Germany. After graduating from college, she moved to Scotland, where she completed her master's degree. As part of her degree, she spent a year living and studying in Spain.

Due to her love of studying and a long interest in Mathematics, she completed an honour's degree in Mathematics at the Open University, while also studying towards a distance learning degree in psychology.

Using her academic knowledge and success, Sarah started teaching as a private tutor. As she was very successful and received well by her students, she decided to grow her business and set up her own language and tutoring school. Eureka now has a team of tutors, a tutoring centre in Portsmouth as well as an online school teaching many homeschooled students.

Featured Teachers
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