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Deciding whether to home school children or to enrol them into a mainstream school can be a difficult decision. First becoming popular in the 1970’s, the number of children learning at home is increasing each year.
Today’s mainstream establishments cannot always provide for the educational needs of certain children resulting in increased levels of stress and anxiety. The increased social pressures, large classroom sizes and possible bullying can also contribute to this. Home schooling provides a relaxed environment, catering to a child’s individual needs.


What we offer

We offer classes just like mainstream schools and colleges, from the comfort of your own home, as well as: 
  • Tailored online private lessons
  • Flexible packages to suit your needs
  • Support for SEN students 
  • Large selection of online subjects 
  • Interactive online platform to provide worksheets and homework
  • Recorded live lessons
Girl with Teacher

Our approach

Open Laptop
Live lessons
Our online classes are delivered via Zoom. We timetable our online classes weekly, Monday to Friday and follow a set agenda with continuous support. The freedom of using this method of virtual learning, enables you to access the class wherever you have an internet connection around your existing commitments.
Recorded classes
All our live online classes are recorded meaning that students can access these at any time. This provides an excellent tool for students to be able to revisit parts of the class they are unsure of or catch up on an online lesson they missed, providing maximum flexibility around family life and other commitments.
On the Laptop
Boy Reading Tablet
Interactive online platform
Each student has access to a customised online platform to access course material. This portal allows homework to be submitted directly to their teacher for marking, reducing the amount of paper used. Grades and feedback will be provided regularly for continuous support and encouragement. Parents get weekly updates about the students progress, marks, and missed homework.
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